The World Does Not Need Another Blog

The World Does Not Need Another Blog 
The word blog used to really annoy me - I honestly did not even understand why someone would want to blog when I first heard about "blogs" back in the Stone Ages of 1998. I still think the blog craze is a little crazy, but here I am jumping on board. Why? Because I don't think the world needs another blog, but I do think families need Faith. Real, dig in your heels, down in the trenches of the mundane, your car won't start,  FAITH in JESUS. That is the reason I am jumping in this blog world.

Who am I? Just a girl, turned school teacher, turned school counselor, turned stay-at-home mom who teaches cooking classes, loves Jesus and family - and brownies (the good kind). I have this idea that God wants families to start looking to HIM more than just on Sundays. His Fit Family is not about weight loss or a way to make your family’s dinner table look like a picture off a Pinterest Board.  That stuff is about us, and the purpose is to be about Christ.  His Fit Family is about fitness God’s way- not ours. It is about faith first and exercise second. It is about our daily activities being lined up with God’s perfect purpose for our bodies. The goal is to learn how to better align our families’ Faith, Eating, and Activity to honor Christ.  

Do I have all the answers? No- honestly my son just ate four "healthy cookies" at lunch today! We are as far from perfect as it gets. This is about sharing Jesus and Life together to help create a family life that is lined up to God's best. I want to invite you to walk with me through life. I want to share our faith,fitness, food and our family - together.

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