Brave Notes

Brave Notes of Scripture Fight Anxiety

     Anxiety is one of the most common problems children face.  One of the best tools I used as a School Counselor was to have the child use positive self-talk. For example, if the child is nervous they would practice thinking, "I am strong and brave".  Scripture self-talk is even better than traditional self-talk.  If your child is struggling with doubt, anxiety or fears then work together to find a Bible Verse that is his or her special verse. Read and memorize the child's Bible Verse each morning and night.

     I love these Napkids. I found these at my local Kroger, but you can use any plain napkin or paper towel. Write a message that reminds your child of their verse, or for younger children just a few key words from their special verse. My 5 year old is not able to read his message, so I read it to him before we go to school. I always loved my lunch notes as a kid, and this is a great way to give your child the tools to fight anxiety with scripture.

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