The Son in Her Eyes

My hubby took a picture of me overlooking Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia.  I took one look at this picture and said, “It would be a great picture if the sun was not in my eyes.”  Realization hit as I heard my words out loud.  The “Son” – Jesus - should be in my eyes.  Jesus – not chores, not finances, not illness, not schedules – not fear – this is what I want to be my focus.

Recently, I heard someone say that we should gaze at God, just glance at our problems, and then turn our steady gaze back to God.  I have no idea where I heard this statement, but I think it may just be the key to getting through our toughest times.  You see, I tend to gaze upon my problems.  I tend to analyze, reconstruct, talk about, and overthink my problems.  I tend to call my friends and ask their opinions.  I concentrate my time and energy on the problem.  This is not the right approach.  I want to have the Son in my gaze.  I want to be looking so hard at Jesus that I can’t see anything else.  Think about it.  When we gaze at the sunshine, it is so bright that we need to squint.  That is what God wants for our lives.  God wants us to gaze upon His Son.  God does not want us to fill our vision with our problems; instead He wants us to focus on Jesus.  Jesus is the only thing that lasts. So why do I keep focusing on things that fade away?  When I get to the end of my life, I want to think back and say, “Wow, great life. I had the Son in my eyes!”

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