Too Full for the Real Meal

This is how pictures looked before smart phones.
Yes, that is his 2nd Donut. He only ate the tops.

My son loves any food that is junk food. On Thanksgiving Day he ate so many donuts (Where on Earth was his mother? Who is watching this kid?) that he was stuffed by the time we ate turkey.

In Luke 14, Jesus tells a parable about inviting guests to a banquet for dinner. The guests all have RSVP’d a big fat no. The excuses are shopping, work, and family. I can totally relate to those excuses during this Holiday Season. The host (God) tells his servant (Jesus) to go out and find anyone who can come eat. They fill up the chairs with the poor, the sick, the blind, and anyone with a heartbeat is welcome. Guess what? God did not keep a table open for the people who did not make time for HIM.

I am just like my son. I love donuts- the literal and the figurative kind. (Sour Cream are my favorite in case you want to treat me.) I fill up on everything else in life, and there is no room for the Holy Spirit. I am so busy that I neglect my time with God.

I want to be transparent here. During the last month I have felt apart from God. I have felt like I wanted to do the fun things in life. I have worried about pleasing myself way more than pleasing God. I have gossiped, been snippy, and not been right with the Lord. I am sick of my SELF. I am sick of the “donuts” and ready for the feast. 

This season, join me in taking a moment to ask God to empty you of yourself, pride, the things of the world. And then, ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit. I think the real meal will be better than a plate full of donuts.

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